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Jewelry Policy


PRINCESSFAIR believes in TRUST over PROFITS and pledges to provide the most information, 

the most accurate information to the best of our ability!

Jewelry Product Types and Distribution

On we have two types of Jewelry.  Jewelry/products shipped directly from and jewelry/products shipped from our third-party vendors.  All products sold under "GREAT FINDS" are directly shipped from while ALL other items are from third party vendors.  Although Princessfair makes reasonable efforts to insure quality, all complaints will be directed to the third party vendor should any complaints be made.  Princessfair guarantees your money back (less shipping) if not satisfied with any products.

Third Party Vendors and Fashion Jewelry

All Fashion Jewelry are NOT real jewelry.  Metals used are often Copper, Stainless Steel, Zinc, and Various Alloys.  Note any metals other than Noble Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum) may discolor and may also discolor your skin.  It is possible for earrings to cause infection!  WARNING: WEAR ALL FASHION JEWELRY AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Princessfair,, Princessfair LLC,  is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any skin issues caused by Fashion Jewelry.

Jewelry Quality Control and Checks for the Signature Collection

All "Great Finds"Jewelry are double checked when received into our facility and double checked for quality and accuracy of information prior to packaging and shipment to all our customers.  We have confidence you will receive everything as described or your money back!

Jewelry Description and Photos for Great Finds Collection

All Jewelry Descriptions and Specifications are conducted by GIA Gemologists for our Great Finds Collection ONLY.  Photos are almost always of the actual item shipped.  Items that may have more than 1 quantity in stock will use the same photo.

Weights and Measures

At Princessfair we do our very best to provide the most accurate information possible.  Although all items from our Great Finds Collection are double checked for quality, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of our third party vendors.  Please note weights and measures are, in some cases, estimates.

Jewelry Details for Signature Collection

Value in Gold Estimate is the gold content value based on the spot price when item was uploaded.

Hi Market Price is the highest price found on the internet for a similar item.

Lo Market Price is the lowest price found on the internet for a similar item.

Need More Info for our Great Finds Collection?

At Princessfair we know you have to feel comfortable before you use your hard earned money!

If you need any additional information, pictures from different angles, just ask!  Our service team will send you what you need within the next day via email.  Keep in mind though, its first come first serve!

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